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Everybody who has interest in doing a Ibogaine treatment can read here what kind of transformation it has for your life.

Of course The Ibogaine Journey is a personal journey and it has another outcome for everybody, but with writing about your experience, you can contribute to help other people to recognize themselves in your story, so that they are able to make a good decision.

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My journey ...was phenomenal. I had the best time of my life, had so much fun playing around that I don't think I'm going to be able to describe everything and in full detail here. It started with a comforting body sensation and awareness. Soon after two weird faces started slowly approaching and coming at me to disappear right before it touched my nose. I was thinking what a f%”£ at first then after a few appearances I thought ‘OK, this is what I wanted so bring it on, show me what you have’. I knew that this is going to be a Q&A type of thing so I started asking some simple questions and throwing up some issues. then I gave an answer I thought was right. If the answer was wrong, a face with missing lips with some bone showing here and there appeared and closed in on me while if the answer was right a friendlier hypnotic looking face showed up. The skull face disappeared shortly after never to be seen again. The friendlier face was like it was drawn by a fine deep purple pen it consisted of horizontal lines and the eyes were a bunch of expanding circles giving it the hypnotic look. Then I remembered listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast a few weeks earlier where he described a google search like ‘interface’. I tried to imagine that but didn’t work. To my luck because what I got was waaaaaay better. I got a very nice deep purple background with some very short and thin horizontal lines mostly in blue and a screen in the middle. looked really cool. I thought of an issue and a powerpoint like slide showed up on the screen with the issue in the header and a voice read it out to me. Then I thought of the answer and then it disappeared. If I couldn’t think of an answer the picture faded and my mind went blank. I got a bit worried about what if the answer was wrong or what happens to the questions I didn’t answer but they automatically appeared again after a while. When I got to the more interesting and difficult questions like personality traits which consisted of a lot of details I was presented with a design table. It was the design table of my life. I could spin everything on the table around in 3D, look at it from any perspective, zoom in and out and when I decided that it was good I pulled it off the table to the top or right. If I thought it was wrong I pulled it off downwards or left. This evolved later to just saying good/okay/bad/wrong and pull it off the table. Then my first personality trait came up I partially liked and consisted of smaller parts I liked and disliked. This is where it got truly amazing as I could reach in and remove the bits not liked or replace them with something I wanted or even just add something then say OK and pull it off the table. Or just erase everything and rebuild from scratch. If something was not right It came up again later. Also I could just say not now and go on the next one. There were a few things coming up dozens of times which I pulled off to discard before I was convinced that this is what I wanted. Sometimes I had to zoom out and make the image tiny and so less important and discard it that way. I went through what it felt like millions questions and stuff through my journey. Had some questions about how the universe looks like which brought up a google like map which I could spin around and zoom with amazing speed and detail. Unfortunately there were no technical details when I ‘clicked’ on a planet and wanted to see names or other information about it. The map looked very similar to the one in my head but still stunning. Also asked questions about stuff I had no idea about. Like how to do brain or heart surgery. They remained unanswered, just a blank page on the table. This is where I realised that there is probably no extraterrestrial intelligence involved here, as some claim, but it is about linking to the subconscious. Might be totally wrong on this one though. At some point when I was looking for the happiest time of my life a picture of me came up me washing my teeth standing on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror grinning all foamy, my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. Also met my childhood 2 or 3 year old very cute cartoony version of me and we had so much fun together during the night. It was exhausting thinking so much, so whenever I got tired of the questions I said PLAYTIME and a little banner with PLAYTIME flashing floated from top to bottom. Whenever I did that I found myself passing ball with the two year old for a minute or so, or just walk around on a green field with white background holding each others hand. The goofy kicks and barely able to walk made me laugh every time. It reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet showed from behind walking away in the sunset while Winnie walked real slow and Piglet couldn’t keep up no matter how hard he tried. After a while the good answers were followed by some cheering voices with a picture of a cartoony theme park as background and this little wheely thing in front of me. My thumbs on the wheel I could spin the it to launch a little colourful ticket stub from the wheel to the air and see it launching to the sky. I could just shoot one tub to the air or spin the wheel real fast and disperse hundreds of stubs and they were flying everywhere looking like fireworks if I felt I deserved it after a tough question. Affirmations Repeating I'm the strongest and coolest person on the planet throughout definitely helped me boost my confidence level in certain areas. Also used the word CONFIDENT a lot and whenever something came up which I believed can’t be done. I used the phrase ‘ TRUST THE PROCESS!’’ to reaffirm that Iboga works even though I don’t believe that it does for the particular case or whenever I noticed that I lose confidence in something which I thought was already dealt with. Recalling situations from my past where I felt I didn’t behave like I should have and replaying them the way I wanted them to happen was also epic. Visuals, audio, body awareness My time perception was gone. I had no idea how much time I spent on a question or how much time passed. I only checked my watch when the dosages came and was surprised when I took the blindfold off and it was morning again, time for the last dose. The blindfolds were to block out lights and help visuals. I used them a lot as it really enhanced the experience being in complete darkness. It was funny that most of the time I could see through the blindfold seeing patterns and certain parts of the room in that great deep purple or white color. Every time I put my hand up in front of me I could see them for like 5 seconds then they faded away slowly but until it was there, bending fingers or moving the hand around reflected on the image I saw. Also when I said AURA I saw the same pattern in light fluorescent blue on and around the hands. I never thought my mother tongue can be so cool sounding. I think English has nicer sounds, flow, rhythm and intonation. I switched back and forth automatically depending on subject and other things during the night but I noticed that I tried to use Hungarian more often because the words just sounded so good in my head like never before. I was listening to music almost all the way thorough as I found that outside noises broke the flow. Luckily I found an album (MIKTEK Elsewhere) in the first 10 mins into the trip and set it to loop for the rest of the time. Was fantastic and gave a great rhythm and paced everything ideally for me. Also blocked out the puking noises which was a big plus and probably contributed to me not vomiting. There was a strong body awareness throughout. It felt very cosy, warm and embracing the whole body, very pleasant overall feeling. Every time I moved the embracing feeling broke and got reestablished in about ten seconds. Not sure what it was, when I tried to touch my palms as they got about 15 cm from each other it took noticeably more effort to hold them together. Bathroom breaks, moving around Going to the toilet was a different adventure in itself. My balance was completely off, barely could stand, moving around made me nauseous. I was lucky as I did not throw up and had no nausea for the first part of the trip. Others were not so much. Or maybe they were because the last part I was feeling more and more sick and couldn’t throw up even though I wanted to. Aiming to the toilet was a challenge as everything was in constant motion with the eyes open. Once I saw that everything was just soaked. Floor, seat everything. As I was checking where to step not to get my socks wet the stuff moved around and was gritty and a bit funny colored then I realised I was hallucinating the gooey liquid everywhere. The floor to me felt like it is covered in multiple layers of bubble wrap in about 15 centimeters thick and at every step the bubbles under my feet were popping as I tried to put my weight on my feet, unable to find a level surface to step on. Was a bit funny at first and very annoying later. Recovery In a way I felt a bit out of place because everyone had a hard time and went through a lot of distress going up and down the roller coaster and for me, I got so much joy, pleasure and fun out of it. The times I cried were out of overwhelming joy and emotions and lasted for like ten seconds and then was smiling again. During the first part of recovery I was just smiling, thinking and watching everything and mostly everyone around me with big eyes for long periods of time. I felt intruding at times because I saw some getting uncomfortable with the unwanted attention while they were going through a rough patch or just wanted to chill a bit. Especially that I was in no mood to talk just wanted to observe with my earphones on. Later in the afternoon we shared our experience and what we achieved. It was good to see how everyone was in a much better place. Results and Insights It feels like my body was taken apart cell by cell and put it back together, that it got better and more integrated. I feel that i improved and got better as a person, got stronger, more focused, balanced and most importantly more at peace with who I am. I became more patient and tolerant to myself and others. About my five questions; I got vague answers for two of them and none for three. Not what I was aiming for however I got so much out of it and solved something fundamental that was much more important. I have had a feeling of having a void that a part of me was missing from my body all my life. Like I was never enough. This hole in my chest was the container of all my “issues”. It was purged and filled with iboga and it is now cemented and hoping to stay like that forever. I’ve changed a lot in these few days and have better understanding of myself and what I want. I will find my answers and make the right decisions for myself. There is a lot more texture and detail to everything. Things look fuller, brighter, more vivid. I breath more easily and my mind is sharper than before. Everything feels good as is however still very motivated to make them even better which is a relief because I was always afraid and probably resisted to accept things as they are because why would I wanted to ever change them. I met and spent time with some very nice people over the weekend and hope to see some of them in the future. Especially Jen who I think I had the best conversation with in a while during our leaving walk. I'm really happy I was part of this ceremony and think, signing up and participating was the best and most important decision of my life so far. It was a fantastic experience and it feels like it's still going on. I feel so different since. Full of energy, even though I'm really tired and can't get much sleep. My mind is so sharp, making plans and have a very positive outlook. I've decided to take 3 months off during the summer, visit my parents and some old friends back home, do some travelling and will be looking for a new job elsewhere so I don't have to come back here. So another two of my five questions got answered which I'm really happy about. Akos

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