Ibogaine Treatment centers become more and more professional and the demand for Ibogaine therapy will only increase in the upcoming years.

Discover the possibilities of an exciting life as a Provider. See how you can make a difference by working with Iboga / Ibogaine. We have more than ten years of experience working with this wonderful plant medicine. We helped many people with their problems and addictions. And now we want to share our experience with you! Having your own Ibogaine center is a very rewarding and satisfactory way of life. You will meet a lot of interesting people out of different professions and walks of life, from all around the world.

We provide training that taught basic practices that are needed to assist participants in a safe way. In three days we will teach you what it means to be a coach and to which issues you should pay attention to. In these training days, we teach you everything that we have learned in all these years.
This training is for people who want to start their own practice and want to work with Iboga and who want to know more about safety and supporting people in their individual processes. It can also be a valuable addition to your current work as a therapist/healer.

Iboga is an excellent therapeutic medicine with tremendous positive effects on one’s life. But because Iboga works strong, the dangers of using it are accordingly. We learn the safety protocols and how to implement them.

For guiding Iboga ceremonies or individual sessions, therapeutic talent or experience is required. Help people to discover where they are injured and emotionally blocked and to restore contact with their inner being. You learn how to coach people in their process to wholeness.

Being an Ibogaine Provider can bring you stress and pressure also because of the high expectations of participants. Often they are looking for a silver bullet, to be cured and changed in a short while. Sometimes it works like that but often it is a long process they have to go thru. Iboga Providers are often their last hope to regain happiness and purpose in life. Their expectations can give extra pressure on you, but we learn you how to deal with this.

Our training provides you with information about:
– Intake interview and intake form
– Leading ceremonies or individual therapy
– working with contracts
– dosage Iboga or Ibogaine
– health risks and contraindications
– where to buy good quality Iboga or Ibogaine
– treatment and emergency protocol
– creating your own company
– information for your website and promotion (and much more)

Iboga Training will be held in The Netherlands. There is a direct train connection from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to our place. Price for this Iboga Training € 3.500,- (including lunches, drinks, Providers handbook and information, pick-up service from the railway station or hotel. And a good time !!).

For more information or bookings, send us an email at info@ibogafamily.com