Experience Ibogaine

"World Class" Ibogaine Treatment Center Safe, Gated Community - Ocean View - Minutes South of San Diego Border


At Experience Ibogaine clinic, we offer safety-centered Ibogaine treatment in a luxury, beach-front setting. Located in a private, gated community–just minutes south of the San Diego border–Experience provides top-of-the-line housing accommodations to all of our guests–including private rooms cleaned daily, healthy, fresh cuisine prepared by a certified chef, access to swimming, sauna, entertainment, and more.

We also offer our premier, “World Class” Ibogaine treatment program. Headed by 10-year Ibogaine veteran, Dr. Paul Casillas, our staff has over 50 years combined experience treating patients with Ibogaine. Nurses, medical doctors, EMTs, and specialists are always on-site during every Ibogaine treatment we offer.

We have a proven system that has become the foundation of Experience Ibogaine. This is why we treat more patients with Ibogaine than any other clinic in the world. Find out how so many of our guests have found lasting sobriety and success through Ibogaine treatment at Experience Ibogaine Clinic. Call now for pricing and treatment availability.

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