Exclusive Ibogaine Retreat-SA

Reset your brain, restore your body & realign your mind with Ibogaine in Africa.anita@eibogaineretreat.com

Custom made treatment packages catering for individual needs at our safe and secure luxury accommodation in South Africa.

Medically Supervised Ibogaine Assisted Detoxification Treatment Program for Substance Dependency (Opiates and Drugs), Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders and Spiritual Growth. We pay special attention to detail and your individual needs are high priority.

We incorporate healthy eating, juicing, yoga, meditation, massages, creative activities and walks in nature.

We have created The Good Life Project as a Re-integration option for our clients as an alternative to conventional rehabilitation and aftercare. The project involves allocating our clients to a safe, social, peaceful, non-judgemental and simple working environment with spiritual practices as a core role.

This Initiative provides proven methods of recovery assistance such as South American Sweat Lodges and Organic Gardening, these practices will enhance the client’s ability to deal with simple life challenges and learn essential values such as patience, problem solving, compassion, social skills & communication .

We are selling Iboga Rootbark Microdosing Capsules.

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