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Welcome to the Ibogafamily, the Global Ibogaine Community.
Are you ready for an Iboga/Ibogaine Treatment to heal from addiction, depression and much more.
Here you can find a list of Ibogaine Centers and Facilitators from all around the world.
We also selected Helpers for Coaching and Aftercare for you.
Interested in literature, video’s or scientific research about Ibogaine?
We made a selection for you about this magical healing plant, called Tabernanthe Iboga.
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“Rehab doesn’t work, Ibogaine does”

– Willers T. Darenvogt

About Us

Our mission is to inform about all present Ibogaine Centers, Suppliers and Aftercare Professionals  around the world.

Do you want to be part of the IbogaFamily and promote your Center, read in Advertising all the possibilities.

Contact: info@ibogafamily.com

We support the local Baku Bantu Community in Gabon and Cameroon.

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